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"It's about preserving tradition and culture..."

Yunji Kim

It's not the ring; it's what the ring represents. So what makes the ring so important? Why is it so pertinent that we include a ring during a proposal - during a wedding? Ever since I was a little girl, I always thought the ring was simply part of the process. Though always a curious child, this was something I never questioned. Now that I'm older, and thankfully still curious, I decided to ask around. 

"What does an engagement ring mean to you?

"Why do you think it's such an important part of getting engaged?"

Here are some of the responses I got: 

An engagement ring symbolizes tradition, which is something I respect. Along with the wedding, it's a proclamation of your commitment to your partner - Virginia

It's a gift that comes with a proposal? I guess it's more of a symbolic thing. Like, displaying on a finger that you made a promise to marry someone. It's a tradition that we've somehow all accepted and continue. - Lois

It's symbolic of the wealth of the marriage itself. Honestly, there's some kind of deeper meaning in a ring I'd exchange, like giving my partner a band that has some deeper meaning rather than higher cost - and I'd have a matching one to compound that energy. - Skyler

So now I want to hear from you. Let me know what an engagement ring means to you in the comment section below!